is where I will host my fansites, shrines, and various other fan-related websites. Right now, only one of the sites have moved in yet, but others will be joining shortly!

Sites Hosted Here

Fansite Listings

Fansite Listings A organized directory of fansites, shrines, fanlistings, fanfiction archives, and other fan-related websites. Is frequently updated and easy to navigate.

My Other Fansites

Darren Criss Online

Darren Criss Online A large fansite for Darren Criss that includes a press library, video and audio archives, a photo gallery, and a frequently-updated news blog. The site is updated almost daily and is the largest source of Darren Criss info online!

Lovely Tala Ashe

Lovely Tala Ashe The first fansite for Tala Ashe. It includes news updates, a gallery with many HQ photos, and press clippings. A fansite and shrine dedicated to the relationship between Kurt and Blaine ("Klaine") from Glee. This site was opened in 2010.